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What you see is what you treat!

VISICOIL™ is the original flexible linear fiducial marker for use with today’s most accurate image guided radiotherapy treatment plans.

VISICOIL™ is designed NOT to migrate

Key Benefits

Patient Safety

  • non-migration
  • visualizing tissue motion and deformation

Treatment Efficiency

  • faster patient setup
  • quicker implantation procedure

Clinical Confidence

  • accurate tumor targeting at planning, setup and treatment
  • greater visibility under all modalities
  • reduced image artifacts

 Anchorage in soft tissue

  • Tissue integrates into unique coil texture
  • Stability even in Lung tissue
  • Dr. P. Kupelian: “implanted markers are stable within tumors throughout the treatment duration regardless of implantation method”1)

Increased Safety

  • Patient safety
  • Treatment accuracy

Treatment Confidence

  • what you see is want you treat